Why You Should Wash Your Car

There’s something about a glistening dashboard, a crumb-free seat, and that new car smell that brings instant peace. Taking your car to the car wash is essential to keeping your vehicle looking new and honestly, it makes you feel like your life is a little more put together! Beyond the aesthetics of it all, there are a couple more reasons why it is important to visit your local car wash once a week, regardless of impending weather. 

Just like any other part of your car, the paint on your car must be taken care of for it to stay nice and shiny. The dirt, road grit, and even bird droppings, bugs, dog slobber, and sap will damage the surface level of the paint if not cleaned off regularly. Although we are lucky enough to live in the beautiful state of Colorado, there is a significant amount of snow that comes along with it. With that snow comes salt and grit which can damage your clear coat if not washed off soon after arrival.  Eventually, this will lead to the degradation of your clear coat and the only remedy is actual paintwork.  The top wash at most car washes should not be skipped: these washes include the layers of protection – like wax and Rain-X – that keep your car cleaner longer.  You want to wash and protect one of your largest financial assets. 

Finally, like our signs say, “Wash your undercarriage like you wash YOUR undercarriage!”: if you don’t protect the underside of your vehicle from the salt, grime, and mag chloride, it will rust.  Most car washes have an undercarriage wash accompanied by a rust inhibitor; combined these help protect your vehicle.

 Life can get busy and chaotic but luckily a car wash doesn’t have to take that long! If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, just take your car through a tunnel, and in under 5 minutes, you’ll have a squeaky-clean exterior.  On days when you have some extra time on your hands, schedule a detailed service to get the interior up to par with the exterior. 

Cars are an expensive purchase, so remember to treat them as such and maintain their value! 

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