4 Great Ways to Make Your Drive More Comfortable


Driving is a part of daily life, especially if you are living in a large city or somewhere very spread apart. We drive to run errands like buying groceries and picking up the kids, and we drive to work or to school. So wherever you are headed behind the wheel (or as a passenger), find ways to make your journey more comfy and convenient. Today, we’re sharing 4 smart items to improve your commute and drive.

You should prioritize internal organization to ensure everything is in its proper place and easily accessible.

5 Great Ways to Make Your Drive More Comfortable
Premium Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer

Are you tired of searching for a pen, notepad, or change while driving or taking notes during calls? It can be quite frustrating to have scattered and disorganized items in your car. It’s high time to get organized and avoid this inconvenience.

Thankfully, this handy console from the Auto Merch Store makes cleaning up a cinch. From drinks to pens and coins and your smartphone, keep your essentials stored together and right by your side as you drive. The Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer fits snugly in the space between your car seat and your center console and gear shift — so everything is within your hand’s reach.

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2. Stay charged

Car Wireless Charger Cup

We’re always on our phones — and they always need a sufficient battery in order for us to keep using them. If you’ve got a phone with wireless charging capability but don’t have a charging pad or much space in your driver’s range, consider this: a charging port that fits right into your cup holder. Yeah, that’s right — just slip your phone in and charge. The charger also features a port for AirPods that have wireless charging ability. An auxiliary USB output port is included so you can power up this cupholder-sized charging station with ease. The charger also includes 2 USB ports so you can charge 2 other devices manually. Convenience — all in your cup holder.

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3. Be ready for repairs (glass is fragile)

Glass Repair Liquid

Windshield struck by a pebble on the freeway? Discover a random crack in your window? Inevitable things can happen while you’re driving, but if there is any damage to your windshield, you’ll need to fix it quickly — or else it can spread and destroy your entire windshield. Thankfully, when you arm yourself with The Auto Merch’s Windshield Scratch Repair Liquid, you have a handy solution that restores cracks in glass completely in 20-30 minutes for peace of mind to continue your journey.

Our scratch repair kit features a firm rubber mouth to suck air from any glass damage while our advanced resin formula with a reinforced injection sealant head ensures an accurate fixed crack. A simple 4-step process is all it takes!

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4. Take device charging to the next level

5 Great Ways to Make Your Drive More Comfortable
Indestructible Magnetic 3-in-1 Cable

Charging your phone but annoyed at how the charging port head limits the mobility of your phone? Or is someone in the backseat charging his iPad but can only hold it at a weird angle due to the physical limits of the charging cord? We understand that frustration, so we highly recommend you use our multifaceted charger cable: available in Lightning, Type C, or Micro USB configurations, you can find the right cable (in various colors) perfect for your devices.

A charging connector with a magnetic end plugs right into your phone or device’s charging port, while a charging cable (available in 3.3 feet or 6.6 feet) with a magnetic end connects right to your plug. No more clumsily stabbing at your phone with a traditional charging port because the connection is all magnetic — and a built-in LED light on your connector port makes it easy to find your device in the dark. Plus, 360-degree rotation on your charging connector ensures you are free to twist and turn any which way with your device while it is charging. It’s everything you need in one cool charger.

Are you tired of the limited mobility of your phone while it’s being charged due to the charging port head? Or maybe someone in the backseat is charging their iPad but can only hold it at a strange angle due to the physical limitations of the charging cord? We understand the frustration, and that’s why we highly recommend our multifaceted charger cable. Our charger cable is available in Lightning, Type C, or Micro USB configurations, and you can choose from various colors to find the perfect cable for your devices.

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We hope you set out on your journeys with greater peace of mind with our 4 great product ideas. Remember to always drive without distraction from the smartphone’s built-in car navigation systems or backup cameras.

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